BMW X3 4x4 (11 - 17)

Used BMW X3 4x4 2010 - 2018 review

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(2010 - 2018)
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What used BMW X3 4x4 will I get for my budget?

As a BMW SUV it’s perhaps not surprising that the X3 holds onto its value better than most. For example, an early 20d with more than 150,000 miles on the clock will still command £7000 as a used buy.

Increasing your budget to £10,000 will give you access to a 20d that has covered a fraction under 100,000 miles or a two-wheel-drive (sDrive) 18d from 2013.

For a six-cylinder X3 expect to pay at least £11,000 for a car with a six-figure mileage. Alternatively, the same amount will get you into a 70,000-mile 20d.

Facelift X3s from 2014 onwards cost from about £17,000 for a 60,000 example.

BMW X3 4x4 (11 - 17)

How much does it cost to run a BMW X3 4x4?

For the lowest running costs you’ll need an 18d in rear-wheel-drive sDrive form and a manual gearbox. This combination managed 56.5mpg in official fuel economy tests, and should return close to 50mpg in normal driving. Adding an automatic gearbox will cost you another 5 or so miles per gallon as well as increasing your annual road tax from £115 to £135.

Go for a 20d with xDrive all-wheel drive and an automatic gearbox (as most do) and you should average 38-40mpg with an annual tax bill of £150 for a pre-facelift car or £135 post-facelift.

The six-cylinder 30d and 35d will average between 30-35mpg and both cost £190 per year to tax.

If you’re looking at an X3 that’s less than five years old, it might still be covered under an original BMW servicing agreement. Failing that, you’re looking at about £150 at a BMW main dealer for a minor service or £350 for a major one. The servicing schedule itself is variable, but reckon on the car telling you it’s ready for attention at least every two years or 18,000 miles.


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