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What's the used BMW X4 estate like?

Strewth! BMW has been hitting the niches hard to try and cater for every taste. The regular X3 is a fine used large SUV that has a bit of a sporting flavour to it, but you can also have an X4, which takes everything the regular car does but turns up the wick on the handling and wraps it all up in a more swoopy, coupé-inspired package. Think of the X4 as an X6-lite. 

There are only a limited number of petrol engines on offer new with the X4, and until they filter onto the used market, most examples of the X4 are powered by diesel. Even the 187bhp 2.0-litre, four-cylinder diesel used by the 20d is smooth and doesn’t send any unwanted vibrations through to the interior. The 261bhp 3.0-litre 30d is even stronger still, while both the 322bhp 3.0-litre M40d and 345bhp 3.0-litre M40i petrol are for the power hungry. 

Firmer suspension and wheels spread wider apart compared to the normal X3 help the X4 to handle better, and it can be hustled to a greater degree down a challenging stretch of road with little drama. Body lean really isn’t something you worry about or notice unless you’re really pressing on. You do pay for this with a somewhat busy ride, though, the car shimmying over scruffy road surfaces.

You also have to accept some limitations on practicality due to the lower roofline of the X4 over a normal X3. In fact, the latest X4 isn’t even as tall as the model it replaced, so it’s not a surprise to find that taller passengers in the back seat will struggle for head room, plus the central tunnel gets in the way of carrying three abreast. Those up front will be fine, and will appreciate all the storage compartments dotted around to hide all their belongings in.

Perhaps one of the best feature of the interior is the iDrive infotainment system which is easy to use thanks to a rotary controller and various, well positioned short-cut keys. Equipment levels are generous because entry-level Sport versions have 18in alloys, sat nav, a reversing camera and parking sensors, leather seats and LED headlights. M Sport adds 19in alloys, an upgraded 10.25in infotainment screen that comes as part of the professional media package, along with a digital instrument cluster; top-of-the-range M Sport X has a panoramic glass roof and plenty of grey exterior highlights.

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