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Passenger & boot space

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Passenger & boot space

How it copes with people and clutter

With wide door openings and chunky grab handles, it’s easy to clamber inside the big X6, and even tall adults will have more than enough room to stretch out . 

Front storage space is good, too. The large, lidded cubbyhole at the top of the centre console incorporates a wireless phone charging facility and a couple of cupholders; the latter can heat or cool your drink if you opt for this function from the options list. The central armrest also doubles up as a deep storage compartment, its top being split to allow the left, right or both sides to be opened.

Perhaps surprisingly, despite its sloping roofline, the X6 offers decent rear head room for even tall adults, although the optional Sky Lounge panoramic sunroof reduces the ceiling height and takes some of that head room away. Meanwhile, the wheelbase (the distance between the front and rear axles) is the same as that of the BMW X5, so leg and knee room are acceptable – but not exceptional. You won’t feel cramped, but the Audi Q8 is roomier.

The rear seats split and fold in 40/20/40 sections as standard, and, while the boot itself doesn’t have the outright capacity to match those of the Q8 and Porsche Cayenne Coupé, it’ll still easily swallow a family’s holiday luggage. Bear in mind, though, that the sloping roof means the boot gets fairly narrow towards its entrance; the more angular BMW X5 is a better choice if you need to carry taller or bulkier loads.

BMW X6 2019 LHD rear seats
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