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Lexus LS
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Like the rest of the Lexus range, the LS’s interior is refreshingly different. Rather than copy the Germans, there is a distinctive style that you’ll either love or hate. What’s indisputable is that everything is beautifully constructed from fine materials that both look and feel great.

All models contain leather seats that get progressively posher as you go up the range and there’s the predictable choice of wood or metal inlays depending on model. Should you want to really stand out, top-spec Premier cars have the option of cut-glass trim pieces and hand-pleated fabric on the doors. If that sounds tempting, be aware that the option itself will cost more than a basic Dacia Sandero.

You get a clear head-up display as standard on all models and configurable dials. The 12.3in infotainment system is less impressive; the display may be huge, but the touchpad control between the front seats is incredibly fiddly to operate while driving, even with haptic feedback.


Lexus LS
Lexus LS
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