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Mercedes-Benz G-Class review

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Cost & verdict

Everyday costs, plus how reliable and safe it is

Let’s get one thing straight. The G-Class is expensive to buy, expensive to finance and expensive to run. As it’s hand-built, the cheapest diesel version has a price that starts with a nine, while the top-spec G63 Colour Edition will cost you the same as two Audi SQ7s.

All models do come well equipped so you shouldn’t need to add many, if any, options. The G-Class holds on to its value very well, although a Range Rover is better still. As for fuel economy, even the diesel fails to do 30mpg. That’s no surprise considering the G-Class is only slightly more aerodynamic than Windsor Castle.

The G-Class might come with plenty of airbags and electronic stability control, but it’s worth remembering that this car was designed in the 1970s so won’t be as safe as modern SUVs.

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Charming but flawed in a number of areas

  • Virtually unstoppable off road
  • Big boot
  • Good visibility
  • Expensive
  • Poor handling
  • Thirsty
There are 2 trims available for the G-Class 4x4. Click to see details.See all versions
There really isn’t a lot you don’t get with the G63. All models have 20in wheels, adapt...View trim
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