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Used MG 3 2013-present review

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What's the used MG MG3 hatchback like?

Small cars can be expensive, with some costing almost as much to buy new as a family hatchback. And sadly, those that remain in the more affordable area of the market tend to be quite dull. Fortunately, the MG 3 dared to be a little bit different when it arrived back in 2013, as a well priced small car that drove well and looked sporty. But, as a used buy, does it offer good value against more established rivals?

New, the 3 was positioned as a good-value alternative to rivals such as the Dacia Sandero, Kia Rio and Vauxhall Corsa.

On the face of it, you may wonder how MG managed to offer this car for such a low price. But when you delve under the skin, things start to become a little clearer. A 1.5-litre petrol is the only engine on offer, and while it offers a great headline power figure for the class (105bhp), this non-turbocharged unit isn’t as flexible as more modern offerings, and you really have to thrash it in order to make progress. When you do, it sounds a bit rough, and it buzzes away in the background on the motorway.

You’ll also notice that the 3's ride is on the firm side. This is great for handling, where the 3 feels fleet of foot and is rather good fun. But it crashes into potholes, feels unsettled over rough roads and transmits plenty of road noise into the interior. The steering is heavy for a small car, too, making parking a bit trickier. It is accurate, though, enabling you to place the car through corners at high-speed with ease.

The 3 is spacious inside, with plenty of head room. You can even fit two adults in the rear seats thanks to a surprising amount of leg room. The steering wheel adjusts only for height, though, so the driving position isn’t as comfortable as it could be. The quality of plastics inside isn’t great, but considering how cheap the 3 is, this is to be expected. What does really date the interior is that there isn't an infotainment screen for controlling the stereo, Bluetooth or smartphone. Instead, there are some very fiddly buttons on a small radio unit.

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