10 ways to cut the cost of car insurance

* Simple ways to cut the cost of insurance * Reduce cost without reducing cover * Ideas for cars, drivers and policies...

Increase your excess
The higher your insurance excess, the lower your premium, but be sure you can afford it if you damage your car.

Favour models with smaller engines
Whats under the bonnet can have a big impact just 0.2 litres more could cost you an extra 250.

Pick a lower trim level
A higher spec could bump you up an insurance group, even if youre not getting more power.

Add a parent
Getting mum or dad to join you on a policy can lower costs, but fronting (naming an older person as the main driver, even though theyre not) is illegal.

Get extra training
Some insurers offer a discount if you undertake post-test instruction. The average reduction for those who do this is around 400.

Forget the bling
Adding new alloys or bespoke trim may tempt thieves and your premium may reflect that.

Be a named driver
Some insurers will let you build a no-claims discount on someone elses car, such as your parents.

Drive for pleasure
If you need a car for only social and/or commuting, dont tick the business-use box.

Dont overvalue your car
If you say its worth more than it really is, your premium will also be higher.

Club together
Some insurers, such as Admiral and Direct Line, offer multiple-car policies for households, which can mean good discounts