11th Navman S30 3D

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11th  Navman S30 3D

11th Navman S30 3D
RRP 99.99
Best of the web 75.04 Amazon.co.uk
Screen size 3.5in


As good as it gets for this kind of money. The menu system is a tad sluggish, but the maps keep up with the action surprisingly well for such a cheap unit. The maps look great, but the spoken instructions are irritatingly dreary.

Ease of operation

Straightforward menu system and address entry. The S30 isn't packed full of features, and that means the screen isn't over-complicated with options.


When you're talking about prices of less than 100, 25 off (at Amazon.co.uk) is a lot of cash. If you've got less than 100 to spend, this is the unit we'd recommend.


Feels a bit cheap but then at under 80, it is. The plastic casing doesn't give the impression it would stand much of a knock, and the on/off button made an annoying rattle while on the move. The cradle is sturdy, though.

Special features

Not much here, but then what do you expect for less than 80? There is an S50 version (with a wider screen) for 117.99 and a S70 (with a wider screen and European maps) for 131.76.