1st Ring Automotive RAC600 26.99

1st Ring Automotive RAC600 26.99

Ring Automotive RAC600 12V Automatic Digital Air Compressor
RRP 26.99
Best price 19.99 (www.motocare.co.uk)
Weight 1.07kg

For Fast inflation; nicely made; compact design; handy features
Against In-built gauge wasnt 100% accurate


The quickest of the lot on inflation, taking just four minutes nine seconds. The true pressure was slightly less than 30PSI, though 28.5 PSI. In terms of overall performance wed give the nod to the Michelin Hi-power, but the RAC600 was right on its heels and costs 6 less.

Ease of operation
The RAC600 lets you program in a pressure before you start inflating. That meant we didnt have to worry about switching it off when the correct pressure was reached. The holes for tucking away wires and hoses were useful, too. The unit didnt come with a built-in handle, but the fabric carry case supplied did have one.

We found loads of online shops selling the RAC600, although savings were small. The Michelin had the slight edge for performance, but it was so close wed plump for the more compact and cheaper RAC600. The warning light/torch and handy carry case make it even more of a bargain.

The RAC600 felt reassuringly solid and the plastic casing wasnt too cheap and nasty. The switches and buttons were surprisingly nice to use and the braided hose and screw-on valve connection were of remarkably high quality given the price. The rubber pads on the base absorbed most of the vibrations from the electric motor, too.

Special features
As well as the ability to preset a pressure before you start pumping, the RAC600 also came with a fabric carry case and a built-in light. The light could be used for finding your way around in the dark or as a red flasher, to warn other motorists youre at the side of the road. It will even flash SOS in Morse Code.