2013 MoT test changes

* MoT test updated * Technology on modern cars needs to be checked * Changes start from from March 20...

2013 MoT test changes

The MoT test is changing to make it comply with European Union regulations.

The introduction of new technology has prompted the changes to the test, which was previously overhauled twenty years ago.

Most of the updates involve the car's electrical systems. Xenon and LED headlamps will have their levelling and cleaning systems checked, while the speedometer, airbags and electronic stability control systems will also be assessed to ensure they operate correctly.

The new test will check more of the car's warning lights, including the electronic power steering indicator, electronic parking brake indicator and the tyre pressure monitoring system.

Prices for the MoT test will be unchanged and the extra checks shouldn't noticeably increase the time required to complete the test.

The MoT test will, however, remain an annual requirement for cars aged three years and over bucking the trend set by some European countries that require cars to be tested once every two years.