2018 Jaguar XE 300 Sport review - gallery, price, specs and release date

New 300 Sport performance model aims to bring some sparkling exclusivity to the Jaguar XE line-up - look through our gallery review to find out if it's any good...

Jaguar XE 300 Sport

With one hand the new stricter WLTP emissions regulations giveth, and with the other, it taketh away.

A much-needed reality check in quoted emissions figures has brought about a clampdown on manufacturers' overall CO2 emissions, meaning some low-volume, high-emitting performance-focused models have been killed off.

Farewell, then, to the XE S, pictured here, with its 376bhp supercharged 3.0-litre petrol V6 now but a memory.

In its place arrives the Jaguar XE 300 Sport, a limited-edition model powered by the F-Type coupé’s 296bhp turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine and with four-wheel drive.


To reinforce its sporting intention, 300 Sport badges are plastered in various places in and on the car. 

While the leather interior gets a bespoke design with lairy yellow stitching.

But there are no mechanical tweaks – you can get this 2.0-litre engine in lesser trims with an equally fierce power output.

So when you fire up the 300 Sport, there’s no raging engine note to suggest you’re in a ‘performance flagship’. Rather, the subtle petrol engine remains pleasantly subdued around town and refinement generally is impressive. At those lower speeds, the ride does feel a little fidgety, but it isn’t uncomfortable.