2024 Mercedes G-Class: new tech and more power for tweaked SUV

New 2024 Mercedes G-Class gets more equipment, new technology to give it a performance boost and subtle exterior styling tweaks...

Mercedes G-Class

On sale Autumn 2024 Price from £135,000 (est)

Fashions come and go, yet the styling of the Mercedes G-Class has barely changed in more than 40 years. In a sea of similar-looking SUVs with gently rounded edges, the Mercedes 4x4’s slab-sided bodywork and squared-off front and rear ends ensure it stands out as a classic style icon that’s often seen discreetly ferrying the rich and famous around.    

It has few natural rivals, but will offer similar off-road ability as the Land Rover Defender, with the kind of opulence you'll find with the BMW X7 and Range Rover.

Mercedes G-Class

The good news for those who want to be seen in one is that the changes made to the latest 2024 version are not that noticeable from the outside. There’s a new front bumper and radiator grille, and the windscreen pillars have been slightly rounded and a lip has been added to the leading edge of the windscreen. These last two changes have been borrowed from the pure electric G-Class that’s due later this year and are designed to improve aerodynamic efficiency and reduce interior noise. Indeed wind noise is one of our criticisms of the current car, because there's more of it than you'll detect in a Land Rover Defender.

Much more has been done under the skin, though, including the introduction of a mild-hybrid 48-volt electrical system and integrated starter-generator (ISG). This latter piece of kit increases power in the entry-level G400d 3.0-litre diesel model by 20bhp to 362bhp, and ups its pulling power to 553lb ft. Due to this boost to performance, the model has been renamed the G450d.

Mercedes G-Class

Keyless entry has been added to the G450d and the second car in the line-up, the performance-orientated AMG G63. The interiors of both versions have been given a revamp. Both now come with the latest version of the MBUX infotainment system, which we rate very highly following our test of the best car infotainment systems. It will represent a big leap in usability over the current G-Class, because it finally gains a touchscreen like other models in Mercedes's range. There’s also wireless mobile phone charging, heated armrests for the front two seats and temperature-controlled cup holders. 

A new off-road control centre in the middle of the dashboard gives an overview of the most important information for off-road driving, and a new 'transparent bonnet' feature uses cameras to provide the driver with a virtual view under the front of the vehicle to aid driving in extreme conditions. 

Mercedes G-Class

There’s also the option of a new semi-active suspension system for the performance-orientated AMG G63 version. Similar to that seen on the Mercedes-AMG SL and AMG GT sports coupés, this is said to markedly improve bodyroll and ride quality. 

Although there have been some significant changes, the latest G-Class retains the off-road capability it’s long been renowned for. It has at least 229mm of ground clearance, a fording depth of 70cm, a 31deg approach angle and the ability to remain stable on slopes of up to 35deg.

Mercedes G-Class

UK pricing for the revamped G-Class line-up have yet to be revealed, but we expect them to increase slightly to around £135,000. Although you could consider it a rival to the Land Rover Defender in terms of looks, that price puts it on a par with the Range Rover or a heavily optioned BMW X7.

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