2nd TomTom One (4th Edition)

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19 November 2008
2nd  TomTom One (4th Edition)

2nd TomTom One (4th Edition)
RRP 149.99
Best of the web 110.60 Amazon.co.uk
Screen size 3.5in


Simple mapping is what the TomTom's all about. The roads don't look that snazzy, but the lack of fancy graphics means they're quick to load. The unit keeps up well with the vehicle's position, which makes navigating complex junctions much simpler than with some graphic-heavy units. The menus are super quick, too.

Ease of operation

The TomTom One is a doddle to operate. The menus are clearly laid out, so choosing a destination is straightforward even if you have never used a sat-nav before. The touchscreen is quick and responsive, which means you don't have to wait while the unit switches between menus.


We managed to save 39 on the RRP at Amazon.co.uk. At 110, the TomTom is awesome value for money if you're just interested in getting from A to B and not fussed about extra features like an MP3 player.


The One feels solidly made, but is still small and super light. There are no sharp edges and the matt finish appears tough and scratch resistant. The integrated cradle is a neat touch, too, and means you can carry the whole unit around in a pocket.

Special features

European maps will cost you 15 extra (at Amazon.co.uk), while TMC will cost you the same amount (37 if you want both). Whichever one you go for though, you'll also get an MP3 player, Bluetooth connectivity, an FM transmitter and voice control.