3. Audi A1

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3. Audi A1
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Jim Holder
6 Oct 2008 11:55

The A1 Sportback is a five-door supermini that follows on from the three-door A1 project quattro revealed at the Tokyo motor show a year ago.

The show model is a petrol-electric hybrid that combines a 150bhp 1.4-litre turbocharged engine and an electric motor, although it is unlikely this combination would be offered on the A1 production model due out next year not at first, anyway.

Audi says the electric motor is capable of driving the car unaided in residential areas, with the petrol engine taking over on highways. Both units would work together when the driver wants more sporty responses.

An electronic front differential lock would ensure the car could drive only the front wheels and still have good traction, thus reducing the need for a weighty, fuel-sapping quattro drive system.

Why we didn't like it It lacked real 'wow' factor - something not helped by a colour scheme that verged on being beige.