3. Toyota Aygo Crazy

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Jim Holder
23 July 2008

3. Toyota Aygo Crazy

A car so crazy, they've called it... well, Crazy.

You've got to hand it to the engineers at Toyota, who not only dreamt up this lunatic 200bhp, rear-wheel-drive version of Toyota's city car, but also got the go-ahead to build it.

Although it will never have a place on any road, the Crazy is a masterpiece of packaging.

A 1.8-litre engine from the MR2 roadster slots in where the rear passengers would normally be, giving the car a 0-62mph time of less than six seconds.

The rear suspension is also largely from the MR2, and there are no traction or stability control systems to control the madness that is certain to follow if you drive it.

Chances of seeing it on the road None. It's strictly a one-off. For every other road user's sake, that's probably a good thing.