2014 Toyota Aygo revealed

* Toyota shows new city car at Geneva * Three- and five-door versions * Monthly costs 'to stay the same'...

2014 Toyota Aygo revealed

This is the all-new Toyota Aygo, which is launched at today’s Geneva motor show. It will go on sale in July, with a fabric roof version arriving in early 2015.

Jointly developed with PSA, it’s the third and final member of a group which includes the Citroen C1 and the Peugeot 108. Like those cars, the Aygo promises more space, a more grown-up driving experience and superior running costs.

One of Toyota’s objectives was to give the Aygo a more unique look than its sister cars, so it gets a distinctive ‘X-shaped’ front end and has a different rear end treatment.

The cabin shares more with the 108 and C1 as it has the same dashboard design and the same infotainment system. Toyota, though, is making a big play of the fact that owners will be able to personalise the colour and trims. For example, you can change the colour of the X front grille, the pillars and the lower rear bumper. While inside, air vent surrounds, door panels and the area around the gearshift are all configurable at any time in the car’s life.  

It’s only 2.5cm longer than the outgoing model, some of which has translated into more passenger space for both three- and five-door models. There’s also a bigger boot, which has grown in capacity by 29 litres to 168 litres, with a wider opening for easier access.

Unlike the French cars, there’s only one engine available, an update of the existing 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol engine. The most efficient trim level will achieve in excess of 72mpg officially and emit less than 90g/km of CO2. Standard cars will get a five-speed manual gearbox and there’s the option of a two-pedal automated manual system.

The Aygo is built on a modified version of the outgoing car's platform and company engineers claim they have worked hard to maintain the current car’s agility at urban speeds while boosting refinement, especially from engine and road noise.

There are three main trim levels at launch: X, the entry level car; X-Play which adds 15-inch wheels and a leather steering wheel to the mix; and X-Wave – the fabric-roofed version. In addition there will be special editions which add various option packs and equipment.

Prices will be announced in June and are expected to start at £8995, which is more the outgoing Aygo. However, Toyota GB insiders claim that monthly PCP payments  - which is how 90% of customers fund one - are expected to stay the same.