3rd Recaro Young Profi Plus 94.50

16 April 2008
3rd Recaro Young Profi Plus 94.50

Recaro Young Profi Plus
Colour schemes Eight
Weight 4.3 kilos
RRP Seat 94.50, ISOFIX 74.50


This feels like the plushest place to lay your baby, with soft fabrics, plenty of padding and comfortable straps. The handle is easy to adjust, but the sun-shade doesn't cover much of the seat. All of the covers can be removed to give them a clean and keep them looking good.

Ease of operation
The lap section of the seatbelt goes over the top of the Young Profi, and it's also easy to feed the diagonal section into the slot around the back. The buckle felt stiff on the seat we tried, but the straps tighten with one tug and the whole system has five easy adjustments for child size. This is a relatively heavy seat, around the same weight as the Graco or Mamas and Papas Primo Viaggio.

Recaro seats aren't as commonly available as other products, so you've got more work to do if you want to drive the price down. Still, the price of the seat and the base aren't outrageous.

The soft fabrics of the seat give an instant feel of quality to the Recaro, although the sun-shade on our seat was bent out of shape. Plastics, straps and buckles all also feel like they're made from sturdy stuff, however.

Special features
The ISOFIX base is solid, but feels a bit agricultural with a metal handle for releasing the seat. It's not difficult to fit it into the car, but slotting the seat into the base took a few attempts to get right.