5th: Bolle Anaconda 10338 - 85

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Will Nightingale
13 June 2008

5th: Bolle Anaconda 10338 - 85

Bolle Anaconda 10338
RRP 85
Best of the web 73.79 (Vision3k.com)
Lens size 66mm


The wrap-around design was great for forcing light through the lenses before it reached the eyes. Our testers found the frames super-snug and lightweight, too. The lenses were rather dark, though, and that meant the Anacondas weren't up with the Serengetis at dealing with lower light conditions, such as mist or fog.

Shop around and you'll get a bit off the price. We found a discount of 13% at Vision3k.com - and that included postage and packing. The Anacondas come with a lightweight fabric case, which should protect the lenses from scratches - but won't help much if you tread on them.

The lenses were made from polycarbonate - a super-tough plastic used to make bulletproof glass. The Anacondas didn't feel that expensive, but then they were less than half the price of the winners.

Special features
Lenses are made from optical-quality polycarbonate plastic available in 18 different tints. For an extra 130 (215 in total), Bolle will fit some single-vision (i.e. not bi- or varifocal) prescription lenses. The Anacondas filter out all UVA and UVB light, and a 'Carbo Glas' coating applied to both sides of the lenses protects against scratches.

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