5th Oakley Ducati Inmate

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5th Oakley Ducati Inmate
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What Car? Staff
15 Oct 2009 14:51

Oakley Ducati Inmate
RRP 140.00
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The only lenses we tested that aren't polarised. That's a shame, because for driving it's a very useful feature to have. The Ducatis are outperformed by the Serengetis largely because of this, but they are comfortable to wear although they do weigh heavy on the bridge of the nose after a while.


We spotted a 26 saving at online retailer That makes the Oakleys considerably cheaper than the Serengetis. Surprisingly, you only get a fabric pouch to store them in we reckon a hard case isn't too much to ask when you're spending over 100.

Click image for larger viewQuality

Super-solid metal frames and sturdy hinges make the Oakleys feel like they'll last a lifetime. The lenses are made from plastic, which is inferior to the glass in the Serengetis, but then the Inmates are cheaper to buy.

Special features

Plutonite lenses filter out 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC, plus harmful blue light. The Ducatis can't be bought with polarised lenses, unfortunately, but other versions of the Inmates can (expect to pay a premium of around 20).