6th Bebe Confort Streety 250

6th Bebe Confort Streety 250

Bebe Confort Streety
Colour schemes Three
Weight 2.8 kilos
RRP 250 for travel system


Another attractive-looking design from Bebe Confort, the Streety is also well padded and the straps are comfortable. The sun-shade wraps around the easily adjustable carry-handle, so it's always in the right position and offers excellent cover. Pull some Velcro and you can draw back the shade if you need to, while other covers can also be taken off for washing.

Ease of operation
This is the lightest model on test at just 2.8 kilos, so it'll be the easiest on your back if you carry your baby around in the seat a lot. Warning and fitting labels are clear, while the lap section of the seatbelt goes over the top of the seat, so getting it in and out of the car is a quick job. There are just two different positions for the straps, but it's easy to tighten them and the buckles are simple to use.

Travel systems are never cheap, but the Streety costs a lot less than many others out there. There's no basinet included, but you do get a forward-facing seat to use as your child grows up.

All of the materials used on the Streety feel of good quality, although you might find that its very light weight makes it feel less substantial than others. Having said that, the Streety still feels robust and there's little give in the structure of the seat.

Special features
Since you've splashed out on a travel system, you'll be able to lift the seat out and slot it into the buggy without disturbing your baby.