7th Bebe Confort Creatis.fix 99.99

16 April 2008

7th Bebe Confort Creatis.fix 99.99

Bebe Confort Creatis.fix
Colour schemes Five
Weight 3.9 kilos
RRP Seat 99.99, base 44.99


This is a really funky-looking seat. While other seats cosset your child more with padding, the shape of the Creatis.fix is very enveloping and supportive, and the straps also feel comfortable. The carry-handle is an unusual shape, but it takes two steps to adjust it - clicking on one side and then the other - and it can get in the way of the small sun-shade. Covers are removable and machine washable.

Ease of operation
The Creatis-fix isn't especially heavy, but it is one of the largest seats on test. Check your seatbelt can extend around it before you buy. The seatbelt also needs routing underneath the seat, which is very fiddly - you'll need to practice a lot to do it without waking your baby. Straps and buckles are easy to use, tighten and adjust as your baby grows. There are four different positions for the straps, and you don't have to unthread everything to move them.

A penny under a 100 isn't that much for a seat, but you can easily get 10 off by shopping online (make sure you physically try out the seat in your car before you buy, though). You might well find it too difficult to use without the optional base, so that adds 40-45 to the bill.

The materials all feel of a very high quality and are well finished - there are no sharp edges or uncomfortable fabrics. There's very little flex through the structure of the seat, and the handle also feels very robust.

Special features
Using the optional base means you don't have to go through the awkward seatbelt routing process, but you still need to fit the diagonal section around the back. This helps to make the seat feel more secure in the car - it's a little difficult to make the seatbelt tense with the lap section over the seat. The Creatis.fix seat can also be used as part of a travel system using Bebe Confort's ModuloClip connections.