9th Navigon 8110

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9th  Navigon 8110

9th Navigon 8110
RRP 389.99
Best of the web 308.79 Pixmania.co.uk
Screen size 4.3in


Menus react quickly to inputs and the maps not only look great, but they also keep up with the action. Spoken instructions were okay, but could be better for this kind of money.

Ease of operation

Straightforward menu system and the shortcut keys on the navigation screen simplify things. The whopping 22cm long cradle brings the screen closer to your eyes (and hands), but you might have trouble squeezing it in your glovebox.


We found 81 off the RRP at Pixmania co.uk, and the 8110 is very well specced. Still, for this money you could get a bells and whistles' TomTom Go 930T, which is a better navigator and has maps even of the US & Canada.


Lovely brushed metal casing gives a classy feel but then you'd hope so at this price. The cradle is huge and solid.

Special features

Loads of kit for a hefty price tag. It has Bluetooth, TMC, European maps, an MP3 player and an FM transmitter as standard. An option to take the economical route is all that's missing.