A glimpse at Volvo's new V60 estate

* Computer image shows 2011 V60 * Will slot between V50 and V70 * Prices likely to start at 24,500...

A glimpse at Volvo's new V60 estate

This computer-generated image gives a good idea of what next year's Volvo V60 estate will look like.

Following the new S60 saloon, which hits UK roads this summer, the V60 will plug the gap between the Ford Focus-based V50 and S80-based V70.

It's likely to be available in the middle of 2011 and cost from about 24,500, 1200 more than the saloon's prices.

The V60 will be a more comfortable competitor for the likes of the Audi A4 Avant and BMW 3 Series Touring the V50 is just too small to take on these rivals.

Up to eight engines will be on offer if all of the units from the S60 are adopted. A 114bhp 1.6-litre DRIVe diesel model should be able to offer more than 60mpg on the combined cycle and emissions of less than 120g/km.

Besides the DRIVe there will be also be a 158bhp 2.0-litre and a 202bhp 2.4-litre D5.

Expect four new 1.6-litre and 2.0-litre direct-injection petrol engines (badged GTDI), with outputs between 148bhp and 236bhp, and a 3.0-litre T6 petrol with more than 300bhp.