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Satisfaction rating

Best bit Car collection
Worst bit A6 quality of service

Audi improves on last year, almost winning a four-star rating to equal Mercedes and leave BMW trailing.

Owners were particularly happy with the collection process after a service, because cars were cleaned and owners got an explanation of any work carried out.

If Audi dealers can impress A6 owners more, they could earn another star next year.

Satisfaction rating
Best bit Happy 3 Series owners
Worst bit Booking-in

This could have been a much worse result for BMW, had 3 Series owners not been so positive about all aspects of dealer service.

They made up for other BMW drivers in the survey, who complained about how hard it was to book their cars in for work. In fact, 1 Series and 5 Series owners were so unhappy, their scores were in the bottom five in this area.

Unfortunately, they were also unhappy when it came to picking up their cars, although the quality of dealership facilities did salvage a few brownie points.

Satisfaction rating
Best bit Booking-in
Worst bit Unhappy Kalos owners

Generally, Chevrolet owners gave reasonable reports. Most said that booking-in and picking-up were alright, while the quality of work was also thought to be okay.

Kalos supermini owners were much harder to please, however, and slated dealers. They were particularly unimpressed with the ability of dealers to diagnose faults, have parts available and fix their cars properly.

Satisfaction rating
Best bit Happy C5 owners
Worst bit Everyone else

Another poor performance that has dragged Citron down behind sister company Peugeot.

C2 drivers need a big hug: they gave the lowest scores of any owners in the survey for staff and dealer facilities, and the second-lowest for the quality of work.

C5 owners are much happier, giving above-average scores in four of the five areas examined.

Satisfaction rating
Best bit Nothing
Worst bit Everything

Fiat nearly hits the bottom of the pile this year.

The booking-in process drew most praise from owners, but even then scores were low. In all the other areas, from staff courtesy and dealership facilities to service quality, owners said things were pretty dreadful.

Satisfaction rating
Best bit Booking-in
Worst bit Picking-up

A good overall result, although grumpy C-Max owners will wonder which dealers happy Fusion drivers have been visiting.

Fusion drivers gave glowing reports in every area, including the quality of work and the pick-up process.

While the majority of Ford drivers found it very easy to book cars in, and thought staff were polite and helpful, C-Max drivers disagreed.

Satisfaction rating
Best bit The works
Worst bit Nothing

Hondas dealers continue to get their service right, with owners giving excellent ratings.

The five-star result was a unanimous seal of approval, with all those surveyed giving the thumbs-up, whether they had a Jazz supermini or a CR-V 4x4.

The lowest marks tended to go to the dealership facilities, but even these results streaked ahead of industry averages.

Satisfaction rating
Best bit Happy Matrix owners
Worst bit Everyone else

Matrix MPV owners were very pleased with their lot, offering positive marks across the board. However, these cant make up for the poor scores from owners of other Hyundais.

They said that the quality of work left a lot to be desired, while scores for the facilities, location and opening hours of dealers were also low. Poor results for the picking-up process further contributed to Hyundais slip from three stars last year to two this time round.

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