Audi TT vs VW Scirocco

The latest Audi TT and Volkswagen Scirocco both offer plenty of style, but which has most substance?...

Audi TT vs VW Scirocco

What are they like inside?

The Audi TT’s styling might be only subtly revised, but it’s a complete revolution inside. The first thing that strikes you is how free from clutter the dashboard is, with just a handful of buttons set neatly into it. This minimalist approach has been made possible by positioning the main screen – which displays everything from the stereo and sat-nav to the instrument dials – directly behind the steering wheel.

It is largely good news because it means you don’t have to divert your eyes far from the road to see it, while the 12.3in display is bright and clear. However, such a driver-centric approach does mean your passenger can’t really help out with tapping in a postcode or choosing a radio station.

Audi TT vs VW Scirocco

The VW Scirocco’s dashboard, with its traditional, centrally sited touchscreen, is more than acceptable. Everything is intuitive to use, and while the infotainment system might not be the snappiest or most modern on the market, it is easy to get the hang of.

Everything in the Scirocco feels solid and well screwed together, but the TT’s interior is made from better-quality materials throughout and its switches operates with more precision.

There’s enough adjustability in the Scirocco’s steering wheel and seats to get comfortable with ease, and you’ll feel pretty good once in there. However, the TT is equally comfortable in the front, and its lower driving position makes you feel like you’re in a much sportier car.

Audi TT vs VW Scirocco

The TT’s rear seats are just a token gesture, though, suitable for only small children, and even then only if the journey is short. The Scirocco’s rear seats are far more useable, although headroom is still a little tight.

TT buyers get a smaller boot, too, and loading taller items often means folding the rear seats. That’s an easy thing to do in both cars; you simply pull levers next to the rear head restraints and push the seatbacks down onto their bases.