Skoda Octavia 2.0 TDI 150 SE

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Week ending August 1
Current mileage 12,401
Miles driven this week 145

I’m lucky enough to drive a lot of different cars for my job, but it’s a mark of the Octavia’s talents that I’m always happy to get back into it again.

Sure, it’s spacious and classy inside, plus quick and economical, but the main thing for me is how effortless it is to drive.

The pedals and steering are light and precise, and the diesel engine is seriously punchy, even from low revs.

Then there are the small things. Visibility is good and it’s easy to get comfortable behind the wheel, so you don't have to move about to see other traffic or to get settled.

This all means that, after a long day at the office, my drive home is that little bit easier than it’d be in many other cars. That counts for a lot, and is one of the reasons why I like my Octavia so much.

By Barnaby Jones