Automatic Volvos now more efficient

* Volvo improves efficiency on automatics * Company car drivers benefit from lower tax * Prices stay the same...

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Matthew Burrow
13 February 2013

Volvo has increased fuel economy and lowered CO2 emissions on automatic models across its range.

The D3 and D4 Geartronic versions of the S60 and V60 now emit less than 130g/km of CO2. Average economy on the S60 has increased to 58.9mpg, while the V60 has improved to 57.6mpg.

On the S80, all D3 and D4 Geartronic versions Executive cars, aside emit 129g/km, with average economy of 57.6mpg. Executive models have 18-inch wheels and emit 132g/km of CO2.

D3 and D4 Geartronic versions of the V70 except the R-Design model which has larger wheels emit 130g/km and average 57.6mpg.

Company car drivers benefit the most from these improvements. S60, V60 and S80 models (that emit less than 130g/km) now have a company car tax rating of 19% and free road tax in the first year.

Front-wheel-drive versions of Volvo's XC60 are also more efficient. The XC60 D4 FWD Geartronic now averages 47.1mpg and emits 159g/km, an improvement of 19g/km. Company car tax on the SUV has fallen from 29% to 25%.

Prices for all the improved models are unchanged.

By Matthew Burrow