Behind the wheel

* Small dimensions boost practicality * Quirky design tries to seat four * Is it worth 10,000 price tag?...

Behind the wheel

By mounting the stereo controls on the steering wheel, Toyota has managed to keep the centre console small and to free up extra space for the driver.

However, comfort would be improved if the seat was height adjustable and the wheel moved for reach as well as rake. The heater is controlled via chunky buttons and dials.

Despite being just a handspan longer than a Smart Fortwo, the iQ can seat four people. Well, sort of. The dashboard is pulled towards the base of the windscreen on the passengers side, which allows the front passenger to sit farther forward and leaves enough space for an adult to fit behind.

However, even the smallest children will struggle to squeeze behind an average-sized driver. Boot space is virtually non-existent with all the seats in place, too.

Toyota has yet to confirm exact specifications, but even the base model should get a CD player, air-conditioning and alloy wheels. Range-topping cars will come with luxuries such as climate control and part-leather upholstery.