Beijing 2012: Chery TX

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Beijing 2012: Chery TX

This is the Chery TX, an SUV concept that shows how much Chinese brands are improving their products with a view to global exports.

The TX is 4465mm long, 2082mm wide and 1670mm tall. Its wheelbase is 2825mm. Those dimensions make it slightly longer than a VW Tiguan, but a full 20cm wider; its front and rear overhangs are also shorter than those of the Volkswagen. Its also considerably larger all round than a Range Rover Evoque.

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The TXs styling blends a host of influences, with elements of the latest Ford Kuga around its headlights and front grille, and slim tail-lights that reference brands like Infiniti and Alfa Romeo.

On the flanks theres a deep scallop running from the leading edge of the front doors to the rear. Interestingly, no door handles are immediately visible on the show car.

As befits the Chinese market, the TX is being paired with a turbocharged petrol engine, producing 190bhp, and a CVT gearbox. Those elements would have to change to a diesel engine and at least a regular automatic before the vehicle could be sold beyond its domestic market.

However, Chery is Jaguar Land Rovers new partner in a joint venture in China; access to the British brands technologies, including their four-cylinder turbodiesel engines and eight-speed automatic transmissions, could improve the TXs chances of reaching European showrooms.

John McIlroy