Best and worst large SUVs for reliability

Large and luxury SUVs are bought by families, so reliability is a vital consideration. We reveal the most – and least – dependable models...

Toyota RAV4
Toyota RAV4

1. Toyota RAV4

Score 99.6%

Only 4% of Toyota RAV4 owners reported experiencing an issue. The sole area concerned was engine electrics, and all cars were drivable and fixed under warranty in less than a day. It’s no wonder that more than a third of owners said their car’s reliability was one of their favourite things about it.

Range Rover Evoque updated for 2017 model year

3. Range Rover Evoque

Score 73.2%

The Range Rover Evoque isn't as bad as the full-blown Range Rover for reliability (see below), but 45% of cars had a problem. The exhaust (15%) was worst, then interior trim and engine and non-engine electrics (both 13%). Most remained drivable and two-thirds were fixed in less than a week, but a few owners paid up to £1500.

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Ford Edge

2. Ford Edge 

Score 70.7%

The Ford Edge isn't proving as sturdy as it looks, with 54% presenting a problem. The most common troubles concerned bodywork (25%), air-con (21%) and non-engine electrics (18%). Most cars could still be driven and were repaired in less than a week, with all work done under warranty.

Land Rover Range Rover

1. Range Rover 

Score 67.3%

Half of the Range Rover owners who completed the survey told us their car had a fault. Non-engine electrics were the most common issue, while a worrying 17% of cars had suspension problems. Nearly a third of cars were undrivable and two-thirds were off the road for more than a week.

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