Best (and worst) small cars for tall drivers 2021

Tall drivers can often feel cramped in small cars, so what should you choose if you want a cheap, city-friendly hatchback that's spacious enough for six-footers?...

Best (and worst) small cars for tall drivers 2018

The Hyundai i20 doesn't just give the driver lots of head and leg room; it's also wider than most small cars, so there's no chance of you banging elbows with your front passenger. As a bonus, rear space is on a par with some family cars, while the petrol engines are impressively refined and standard equipment is generous. Less impressive is the choppy ride and slow, overly heavy steering.

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Best (and worst) small cars for tall drivers 2018

The Ford Fiesta isn’t known for its practicality. And in terms of rear seat space and boot volume, plenty of rivals have it licked. However, if it’s just you and one passenger in the car, it’s extremely comfortable; the steering wheel moves for height and reach and has plenty of range, while the front seats slide back far enough to accommodate the longer-legged and are well bolstered. As a bonus, you'll be getting the best-handling small car around. Just don't expect a massive discount from the dealer, because a new Fiesta arrived earlier this year.

Best (and worst) small cars for tall drivers 2018

The latest Polo is one of the most spacious small cars around, and two tall adults can sit comfortably in the front. It's a similar story in the rear, where two six-footers will find that their knees don't touch the backs of the seats in front. Add in the fact that the Polo is good to drive and quiet and it's easy to see why VW's small car is so recommendable.

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