Best BMWs for company car drivers 2023

Looking to replace your company car and got your heart set on a BMW? Well, these are the best options – and they all have our maximum five-star rating...

BMW iX3 2021 front cornering

BMW is a true heavy hitter in the company car market, with a range stretching from family hatchbacks all the way to luxury SUVs.

As well as petrol and diesel models, there's a growing choice of plug-in hybrid and pure electric BMWs to choose from. Electric models have the lowest benefit-in-kind tax bills, but the plug-in hybrids are also tax-efficient and easy to live with on long journeys.

With such a broad range, it can be hard to know where to start when choosing a BMW. Thankfully we've done the hard work for you, and below you'll find our five favourite BMW company cars of 2022.

We've chosen the best models, and our tax-friendly picks in each model range. To save you crunching the numbers, we're also listing the monthly tax bill for a 40% tax payer; if you’re a 20% payer just cut our calculations in half.

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5. BMW 5 Series Touring

BMW 5 Series Touring front right driving

Best model 530e SE| What Car? rating 5/5 | CO2 emissions 35g/km | P11D price £52,065| Monthly BIK tax rate 2021/22 @40% £190.91

Pros: Great to drive, PHEV has decent electric-only driving range, 80mpg possible in the real world - if you charge regularly

Cons: So-so EV range on the motorway, battery saps boot space, standard suspension is a bit fidgety

If you want the most practical premium estate car, then the Mercedes E-Class Estate has even more room for bags than the BMW. But as an all-rounder, the 5 Series Touring is hard to beat.

So long as it's within your monthly contract hire budget, the 530e plug-in hybrid is the one to choose for business use. Like the smaller 330e, the 5 Series has low CO2 emissions, which means a tiny tax bill for a near-£50,000 luxury estate with a serious turn of speed.

SE spec cars may not look quite as muscular as M Sport versions, but they ride more comfortably and come well equipped without any need to inflate the P11d value by choosing lots of optional extras.

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4. BMW X5

BMW X5 2022 front cornering

Best model xDrive45e M Sport | What Car? rating 5/5 | CO2 emissions 27g/km | P11D price £71,255 | Monthly BIK tax rate 2021/22 @40% From £166.26

Pros: PHEV promises 54 miles on a charge, impressive performance, superb infotainment

Cons: No optional third-row seating, thirsty when the battery is flat, expensive

Looking for a luxury SUV? Then you can't do better than the BMW X5, especially if you go for the 45e plug-in hybrid.

There are lots of sensible reasons to choose one, and some not so sensible reasons too. With low emissions and an all-electric range of more than 50 miles, the X545e is exceptionally tax-efficient. If your commute isn't too long and you can recharge regularly, you'll hardly use a drop of fuel.

You can use these financial arguments as a smokescreen for driving one of the most exciting SUVs around. When the petrol engine and electric motor gang up, the 45e will go from 0-62mph in just 5.6 seconds. It rides and handles remarkably well, too, although you can tell the plug-in is carrying some extra timber compared with other X5 models. It's also wonderfully spacious for your family and all their luggage, and has a sublime interior.

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3. BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 Series front three quarters

Best model 330e Sport Pro | What Car? rating 5/5 | CO2 emissions 31g/km | P11D price £42,675 | Monthly BIK tax rate 2021/22 @40% From £156.48

Pros: Great to drive, appealing interior, good choice of trim levels

Cons: Not as agile as other 3 Series models, boot is 100 litres smaller, Type 2 cable costs £165

Think company car, and you think BMW 3 Series. It's long been a favourite among business drivers looking for a prestige badge, sporty handling, and affordable tax bills.

Traditionally, we might have recommended the diesel-engined 320d as the sweet spot in the range, but in recent years that mantle has been taken up by the 330e plug-in hybrid.

It may not have the remarkable pure-electric range of the X5 45e luxury SUV, but it will still go up to 30 miles on a charge in real-world conditions. And with 288bhp coming from the combined efforts of the petrol engine and electric motor, this is a very quick executive saloon, as well as an efficient one.

Sport Pro is one up from the base SE Pro spec, adding leather upholstery and 18in alloys for a more dynamic look without pushing the price or emissions too high.

BMW iX3 2021 front

Best model iX3 M Sport | What Car? rating 5/5 | CO2 emissions 0g/km | P11D price £60,915 | Monthly BIK tax rate 2021/22 @40% From £20.33

Pros: Well priced, fast 150kW charging capability, promise of 285 miles of range

Cons: Rivals are more agile, fairly firm ride, no under-floor boot storage

Like all electric cars, the iX3 rewards company car drivers with a heavy discount on their monthly tax bill. In fact, running one will cost you less than two takeaway coffees per week, and that's a massive bargain. 

The iX3 is seriously impressive, too, with an excellent range of up to 285 miles between charges, and enough space for your family to relax in comfort.

There are only two trim levels to choose from, and the cheaper M Sport makes the most sense, because it gives you everything you're likely to want, including 19in alloy wheels, a powered tailgate and heated leather seats.

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1. BMW i4

Grey BMW i4 front cornering

Best model eDrive40 M Sport  | What Car? rating 5/5 | CO2 emissions 0g/km | P11D price £53,350 | Monthly BIK tax rate 2021/22 @40% From £17.78

Pros: Best-in-class infotainment, exceptional performance, rapid 200kW charging

Cons: Expensive to buy, Tesla Model 3 is sharper to drive, limited rear-seat headroom

Like the iX3 above, choosing the i4 as your next company car will result in a dent in your monthly pay packet that's so small you're unlikely to notice it.

The i4 may have divisive looks, but it's great to drive, with rapid acceleration, a comfortable ride, and composed handling. We'd plump for the eDrive40 over the quicker M50, partly because it's more than fast enough already, but also due to the longer range. Official figures suggest the i4 eDrive40 M Sport will travel up to 352 miles on a charge.

It's an exceptional car, and from a fiscal perspective an absolute steal.

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