Boris gives more green-time to drivers

* London mayor wants cuts in crossing time * More 'green-light' motoring planned * Up to 6000 crossings could change...

Boris gives more green-time to drivers

Pedestrians will be forced to walk faster on many road crossings if a plan proposed by London mayor Boris Johnson gets the green light.

Under the proposals the crossing time would be cut and digital signs would inform pedestrians how many seconds they have to cross the road.

Up to 6000 crossings would be affected, slashing around six seconds of red-light time during each phase.

A Transport for London (TfL) spokesman said: 'The mayor wants to reduce pedestrian crossing time where there is capacity to do so.

'It may be possible to provide additional green-time for vehicles by introducing pedestrian countdowns.'

According to TfL, 150 junctions have already had their timings altered and there are plans to adjust a further 1000 sets of lights each year for the next six years.