Car buyers - we need you!

* What Car? research into car buying * Informal focus groups at What Car? offices * March 22 from 7pm to 9pm...

Car buyers - we need you!

Have you or a friend bought a car recently? If so, we are looking for volunteers to come and speak to us about it.

To take part in our focus group, you need to have bought a car in the past six months, have had a full choice of brands (and not been restricted to a car make because of a company car scheme) and not bought a car through the scrappage scheme.

The focus group will take place at What Car?'s offices in Teddington, Middlesex from 7pm to 9pm on March 22.

It is an informal event and tea, coffee and snacks will be served.

To sign up, contact Julia Dear on 020 8267 5739 or e-mail her on []( buyers)