Car cleaning and safety

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What Car? Staff
05 December 2011

Car cleaning and safety

Here we have car cleaning and safety accessories.

Dyson DC34 animal
Cost: 169.99rrp

Dyson says the digital motor in this hand-held vacuum spins at 104,000rpm - faster than a Formula One engine, they tell us - which means it does a great job at sucking up the dust and detritus from your cars interior.

The machine's futuristic design and easy-to-empty configuration make this an excellent, if pricey, car cleaner. Turtle Wax gift sets
Cost: 9.99 - 19.99

Turtle Wax is offering a range of gift sets this Christmas, catering for everyone from the casual cleaner, to kits for those that want to take their cleaning more seriously. The kits might not be sufficient for the most hardcore of concours fanatics, but with a basic supply of all you need, they represent good value.
RAC Warning Light
Cost: 24.99

This new RAC light is intended to be a personal warning beacon. It comes with a series of different flashing modes, and can be hung on clothing, the back of a car or anywhere you need to attract attention if stranded by the side of the road.
It seems durable, but it's also expensive at nearly 25.