Car parks to smell of roses

* Motorists say car parks are too smelly * Stairwells are the worst for whiffs * Pleasant smells to be pumped out...

Car parks to smell of roses

A third of drivers won't use car parks because of the smell, according to a new survey.

As a result, car park company NCP has announced plans to use technology to create pleasant smells for customers using stairways in their multi-storey car parks.

The new, more pleasing smells will greet drivers in car parks in Birmingham, Cardiff, Leeds and London. Fragrances such as roses, freshly baked bread and newly cut grass will be used.

The survey of 2000 drivers, revealed that nearly 70% said stairwells were the worst areas of car parks, with 30% complaining of a stench of urine.

The survey also asked what smells people would most like to experience, with flowers topping the list followed by mint, cut grass, freshly baked bread and fresh fruit. Other more curious scents included bubblegum and petrol.

NCP chief executive Andrew Potter said: 'We are committed to offering our customers a pleasant and positive experience in our car parks, and we fully recognise that unpleasant smells could drive customers away.

'By introducing pleasant smells, we are following through on our commitment to improving the customer experience and providing greater value for money.'