Carphone Warehouse Griffin Window Mount

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Carphone Warehouse Griffin Window Mount

Overall winner - best phone mount
If your car's not fitted with Bluetooth handsfree technology, what are the options for legal and safe mobile conversations?

Get yourself a mobile phone mount to make sure you stay legal. Here we test some of the best-selling models.

Carphone Warehouse Griffin Window Mount
Price: 14.99 (

This phone holder uses a sheet of plastic to fix to the windscreen. It doesn't look like it should work particularly well if at all but as long as you smooth the plastic out, it clings on extremely well.

Once you've set the cradle at the appropriate size for your phone it's easy to slide the phone in.

This is a simple holder, although it does have a ball socket that allows it to rotate through 360 degrees and alter the angle at which the phone is displayed at. There's also a plastic strap at the back of the cradle to neatly secure a charger cable.

The cradle's plastics feel robust, although the sheet that sticks to the windscreen gets dirty if you take it off and refit it a lot.

What Car? says
No nonsense, no bother, this might be a cheap cradle but it's a great option.