Citroen to use BMW engines

* C5 could be first car to benefit * Stop-start for every model * Expected to be in place by 2010...

Citroen to use BMW engines

Citroen will follow parent company Peugeot in slotting turbocharged BMW engines into its petrol-powered models over the next few years.

The British-built BMW 1.6-litre engine was developed for the Mini and is available with 120, 150 and 175bhp.

Peugeot uses it in the 207 and 308 ranges and will almost certainly include it in future models alongside its own diesel engines.

Now Citroen has said that it plans to use the highly praised BMW power units, too. It hasn't said which model will get BMW power first, or when, but it is believed the new C5 could be among the pioneers.

Fitting the BMW engine will allow Citroen to achieve its goal of having fuel-saving stop-start systems on every model in its line-up by 2010.

Stop-start - which cuts the engine when stationary in traffic and restarts it when the driver selects first gear - is fitted to every Mini. There is also a gearshift indicator that tells drivers the most economical way to drive and a system that channels normally wasted braking energy into the car's electrics.