Congestion-free toll lanes coming?

* Trials possible within two years * M606 could be used for trials * US scheme costs 5 - 42p a mile to use...

Congestion-free toll lanes coming?

Motorway toll lanes that allow drivers to bypass congestion could be trialled within two years.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that officials from the Highways Agency and Department for Transport have visited Minnesota to investigate how such lanes could be used.

As a result, a pilot scheme could be established in Britain by 2010.

The leading candidate for the trials is the M606 near Leeds, where a car-share lane is already in place. If the toll trial is judged to be a success, it could pave the way for wider use.

Although the potential cost to motorists is unclear, the Minnesota scheme charges drivers, who are travelling alone, from 5p to 42p a mile, depending on traffic volume.