CoPilot launch Live Premium Nav App

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CoPilot launch Live Premium Nav App

A new sat-nav app has been launched by CoPilot, which allows users to fully personalize your route, and includes a new user interface and seamless access to social content.

Key features in CoPilot Live Premium
Three alternative routes to your destination are shown, with journey time and mileage for each. Fine-tuning the route is simple: you drag the route to the preferred street you wish to take or destination to navigate to.

Tapping on the map adds a destination, accesses information about the location or allows you to share this information with friends.

The system is claimed to be fast, because the background maps are stored on your mobile phone. This avoids slow updates in weak signal areas and doesn't impact on download limits.

Real-time traffic conditions are used to calculate the fastest route to your destination and automatically avoid delays as part of an optional service called Active Traffic. This remains connected but is not dependent on your mobile connection.

Facebook and Twitter can be updated through the app, allowing you to share your journey and location, and Bing local internet search and Wikipedia access make it easy to find nearby businesses, services and attractions.

An introductory rate of 14.99 is available until July 3. CoPilot Live Premium is available immediately through the Android Market.

The standard price is 29.99 for UK and Ireland maps, and 59.99 for European maps. A 12-month subscription to the Active Traffic service is available via in-app purchase for 9.99.

CoPilot Live Premium for iPhone and iPad are expected to be available on the iTunes App Store shortly.

More information is available at and on the Android Market.