Cornish road signs to be bilingual

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Cornish road signs to be bilingual

Cornish road signs could soon greet drivers in both English and Cornish as part of a bid to promote the region's traditional language.

Cornwall Council yesterday agreed to adopt a new Cornish Language policy. As well as street signs, the policy says that the council should try and use Cornish in publications and on its website.

Around 300 people are believed to be fluent in Cornish, while a few thousand can recognise a few words.

No added costs
The changes should not increase costs for the council because the translations will be applied to only new or replacement signs.

Councillor Dick Cole said the decision could boost the Cornish economy. 'Cornwall's uniqueness is its Celtic heritage and we have to promote that to attract more overseas visitors.'

Council divided
The decision has split the council. Councillor Morwenna Williams said: 'This will not be welcomed in my part of the county. Some people in Cornwall will find this ridiculous and unnecessary.'