Counting the costs

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What Car? Staff
05 May 2009

Counting the costs

Counting the costs
By spreading our calls around the country, we could see how prices varied from north to south and east to west, but wherever you are, our map shows that you can easily slash your bills, even if you don't want to go outside of the franchised dealer network.

The biggest range in prices came from Jaguar dealers: one region alone had costs that varied between 183 and 426; VW dealers gave the next widest range of quotes. Citron dealers agreed most closely with each others' prices, but you could still save up to 85 in Aylesbury alone.

Look at the prices from independent garages and you can see that potential savings are even greater in the majority of cases, the most expensive independents we found quoted less than the cheapest of the franchised dealers.

The biggest saving between franchised dealers and independents in each of our 10 locations was 200 for the Citron, 162 for the Volkswagen and an enormous 317 for the Jaguar.