Criminals con car buyers out of millions

* Fake payment websites used * 21,000 sites shut down last year * Avoid offers that are too good...

Criminals con car buyers out of millions

Gangs of criminals are using the internet to con car buyers out of millions of pounds each year.

According to the BBC, the 'virtual vehicle' scam uses fake shipping websites that claim to safeguard the customer's money while they wait for the car to be delivered.

The scam works by fraudsters placing an advert on a legitimate website, before directing customers to a fake payment site, where the money is stolen.

Figures from the Metropolitan Police revealed that 21,000 fraudulent shipping websites were shut down last year.

The Met has warned buyers that unless they actually see the car for themselves, it is most likely an offer that's too good to be true.

Our advice is if there is no phone number on the ad, or the seller won't meet you face to face walk away.