Deal of the Day: BMW M235i

Save more than £6,000 on a BMW M235i coupé...

Deal of the Day: BMW M235i

The BMW M235i recently beat the Ford Mustang V8 GT Fastback in our twin test, so we know it's a great choice. Now we’ve got some even better news: we've found a deal that knocks £6485 off the list price.

The saving brings the hot M235i down to £28,785 – just below the list price of the 220i M Sport variant.

The car BMW M235i coupé
The saving £6485
The discounted price £28,785
The online broker 


The six-cylinder engine found in the M235i is the most powerful in the range, and its throaty exhaust note is suppressed when at a cruise.

The M235i rides particularly well for a high-performance car, and as you’d expect from a hot BMW, handles particularly well too.

The high-spec M235i brings the solid build quality of any BMW and adds high-end interior trim, which brightens up an otherwise relatively uninteresting cabin.


Without discount, it’s priced close to the Porsche Cayman, which is dangerous territory as the M235i doesn’t handle quite as well. At this price, those comparative woes should be soothed, though.

Rear-seat space is too tight for adults on anything other than short journeys. Rear visibility is hampered by thick rear pillars, and the pedals are slightly offset.

Should I add any options?

The poor rear visibility means you’ll want the reversing camera, and through this broker it’s £330, a saving of £36 compared with a BMW main dealer. 

What next?

Head over to, click New Car quote in the top-left corner, and follow the steps to take you to the BMW M235i coupé.