Dealers 9 - 17

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23 August 2012

Dealers 9 - 17

9 Volvo
A good, solid performance from Volvo, with customers particularly impressed by the dealers friendly service staff, even it they did find it a bit difficult to get to them it was hard to access the facility and parking wasnt good either. The bills were found to be too steep, but almost a third would definitely recommend the workshop.

10 Audi
Audi dealers didnt cover themselves in glory, with a disappointing performance compared with rivals. Advisers and facilities were praised, but the network was inflexible; customers found it hard to book a convenient slot. However, 56% said they would probably buy another Audi; 49% would be as likely to recommend the service.

11= Kia
Customers were satisfied by the speed and quality of work. The facilities were Kias undoing, with the networks parking rated second to last, just ahead of Chevrolet. While waiting areas were clean enough, creature comforts were in short supply, and customers wished their cars had been returned with a little more polish.

11= Peugeot
Customers found little to rave about, but they had few complaints and thought charges matched the experience; 32% would recommend the service although 5% would not. Only Chevrolet customers expressed a stronger intention to take their business elsewhere.

13 Volkswagen
Dealers didnt live up to customer expectations, with a frankly average performance. Service levels were below par and customers said the initiation process could be tailored more to their needs. The quality of workmanship wasnt rated much better than average, but service repair bills werent considered unfair.

14 Mitsubish
Less-than-friendly service staff at some dealers let the side down, even though almost a quarter of respondents said theyd had outstanding service. Charges were fourth fairest, with a third of customers strongly recommending their dealer albeit adding theyd be more likely to do that than buy another Mitsubishi.

15 Seat
Customers reserved most of their complaints for Seats service facilities waiting areas were uncomfortable, and parking inconvenient. The good news is that customers were more impressed with Seat service advisers, rating them better than average for courteousness, helpfulness and professionalism.

16= BMW
BMWs dealer service doesnt seem to match the quality of its cars. Only Citron, Mini, Fiat and Chevrolet dealers were rated less friendly or responsive. Facilities were 11th for cleanliness, although customers liked comfort levels and parking space availability. Dealers were inflexible on booking times, and charged too much.

16= Renault
Renaults service advisers were deemed almost as bad as BMWs when it came to explaining faults, returning a below-average performance. Customers also said that Renault dealership facilities could do with some work. In fact, customers reported disappointing service throughout. The verdict? Could do better.

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