Does my bumper look big in this?

* Chevrolet's car 'fitting room' * Admire yourself and your car in mirrors * Trial could be extended to other dealerships...

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Jim Holder
11 April 2008

Does my bumper look big in this?

Chevrolet has created a mirrored fitting room on a dealership forecourt to let prospective car buyers see how they look in their cars before they buy them.

The fitting room is in a curtained-off area on a south London dealership's forecourt. It features a turntable on which the car is placed and three giant mirrors, so car buyers can admire themselves from every angle.

Chevrolet's Susan Kalair said: 'With 95% of motorists saying they have no idea what they look like in their car, we think it could prove a drive-away hit.'

If the scheme is a success, Chevrolet has said it will extend its use to other dealerships.