Does road rage kill 800 a year in UK?

* Insurer says road rage is major killer * Drivers could save 945 million in premiums * by showing each other respect...

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29 July 2010

Does road rage kill 800 a year in UK?

Road rage and disrespect among motorists is costing 800 lives a year in the UK and adding 945 million to insurance premiums.

That's the verdict insurer AXA has reached following research into driver habits and behaviour.

AXA reports that 35% of the motorists it polled said they had been made angry or frightened by another driver's behaviour just before they were involved in a serious or costly accident.

With 2222 people killed on UK roads in 2009, AXA calculates that nearly 800 lives are lost because of road rage and disrespectful driving.

Craig Staniland, Insurance director for AXA, said: 'A return to good manners and consideration could prevent nasty accidents and needless anguish.

'Disrespectful driving seems to be reaching pandemic proportions as drivers fail to see the potential consequences of thoughtless driving.'

The insurer reckons 35 of every motorist's insurance premium covers accidents caused by road rage resulting in an annual bill of 945 million.

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