Down to... Honda Jazz

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Will Nightingale
09 June 2008

Down to... Honda Jazz

Name Lucy Dichmont (33), radio producer, Walthamstow, London
Current car S-reg Ford Mondeo 2.0 LX 4dr
Trying for size Honda Jazz 1.4 I-DSI Sport 5dr

Lucy said: 'With Ben (8), Lily (6) and the imminent birth of number three, I need serious space for all the junk that's essential for even the shortest jaunt.

'Luckily, my partner Ed has an MPV, so I've been able to appreciate the versatility of the Jazz knowing that we also have a seven-seater for the weekends.

'The kids loved having more of a view out than they have in my current car, a Ford Mondeo, and I liked the steering wheel controls - sometimes it's chaotic enough without messing around with the stereo, too.

'After the birth, Ben would have to be up front on his booster seat, because I can't deactivate the front airbag on the Jazz to use a rear-facing baby seat.

'Ed is a musician. He was amazed by how much space there was inside the Jazz - we joked that it was like Mary Poppins' handbag as I saw this huge double bass emerging from the back of such a tiny car. The space is so practical and very deceiving from the outside.

'The ride is extra firm and the doors didn't have the reassuring 'thunk' of my tank-like Mondeo, but as a more eco-friendly bargain, the Honda Jazz has definitely won me over.'

We say
It's hard to beat the flat-floor versatility of the Honda Jazz. Folding, flip-up, cinema-style seats mean that surprisingly large loads can be swallowed.

Running costs on the little Honda would also bring a broad grin to Lucy's face after being used to the costs of the Mondeo.