Eco-tips in driving test

* Students assessed on green driving * Not connected to pass or fail * 3 million extra to promote campaign...

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What Car? Staff
11 September 2008

Eco-tips in driving test

Learner drivers are to be given advice on how to drive greener during their driving test.

From now on students will be given feedback on how green their driving is, although drivers cannot pass or fail their practical test as a result of this assessment.

The government estimates that greener driving practices can save between 5% and 17% in fuel savings, which can help lower carbon dioxide emissions.

Transport minister Jim Fitzpatrick said: 'To help the next generation of motorists drive in a way that is better for their wallets and the environment, the driving test will now assess how successfully they follow fuel efficient and eco-safe driving advice.'

The government also announced a further 3 million funding to help promote greener driving.