Electric car trials get 25million

* Government funding for electric car trials * 25 million for eight projects * Around 340 vehicles on trial...

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What Car? Staff
23 June 2009

Electric car trials get 25million

Eight new low-carbon vehicle projects will share 25 million of Government funding to run 'real life' trials, Science Minister Lord Drayson and Transport Secretary Lord Adonis announced today.

The projects which are the winning bids in the Technology Strategy Board's Low Carbon Vehicle Demonstrator competition are as follows:

Coventry and Birmingham Low Emission Demonstrators (CABLED)
Electric Vehicle Accelerated Development in the North East (EVADINE)
Ford Focus Battery Electric Vehicle
London South East Bid
MINI E Research Project
The Allied Vehicles Project
PHV Paving the way to full commercialisation of plug-in hybrid vehicles
EEMS Accelerate

Each will operate 'real life' trials in eight UK locations, with around 340 vehicles tested within the next 18 months. Most will be electric, but there will also be a small number of plug-in petrol/electric hybrids.

Science Minister Lord Drayson said: 'Today's announcement signals our intent to reduce our dependence on petrol- and diesel-based engines, and determine the best practical alternatives.

Transport Secretary Lord Adonis said: 'Our aim is for ultra-low carbon vehicles to be an everyday feature of life on Britain's roads in less than five years. This is a challenging target and there is still a long way to go.'

'However, if we continue to work closely with motorists and the industry with initiatives like the demonstrations project, I believe it is achievable.'

For more information on the winning bids, go to www.innovateuk.org